Tonio Reiser

Special Field of Experience: France

Tonio Reiser studied law in France on a scholarship provided by the French government. He attended the renowned Centre d’Etudes en Propriété Industrielle (C.E.I.P.I.) of the University of Strasbourg and graduated with a French diploma in intellectual property law. He is also registered as a qualified representative before the French Patent Office (INPI). Therefore, in addition to his qualification as a German and European patent attorney, Tonio Reiser is also qualified to practice in France.

Over the years, patent attorney Tonio Reiser has gained extensive experience in cases related to France. Not only has he worked in a renowned French law firm in Paris, but also provides regular consultation services to clients seeking patent or trademark protection in France and to French clients living in Germany.

We continually demonstrate our experience and language skills by successfully handling infringement proceedings in Germany and France. Mr. Reiser's language skills are especially valuable when it comes to cross-border litigations.